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220 South Railway Ave W, Deloraine, MB

Please call for location and times for Killarney, Boissevain, Hartney, Souris and Melita

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Guiding Philosophy

To realize sustainable community development in three primary aspects:

  • Preservation of Heritage

  • Education and Training (skill development)

  • Support for and Enhancement of Rural Lifeways and Culture

This goals imply...

Expanding the local job market

Managing the development of real property

Mobilizing capital for viable projects

Adapting to changing community needs



Prairie Skills Inc is dedicated to people development through the operation of enterprises that are economically sound, socially productive, personally satisfying and environment.

Prairie Skills Inc upholds viability and sustainability to be the fundamental criteria to guide and evaluate its activities and holds innovation to be the primary tool in its development work.


  • Fix up the old Fieldstone Building.

  • Help the community to preserve and interpret its historic resouces.

  • Get museum displays and community archives development underway.

  • Focus pioneer technology and arts.

  • Celebrate our history.


  • Display and market local works of art and handicrafts.

  • Support and promote the performing arts.

  • Develop tourism relative to culture activity in the community.

  • Provide a place for the on-going enjoyment of the arts including instruction facilities.


  • Offer courses to meet identified regional needs and desires.

  • Deliver programs that can be co-sponsored with other institutions.

  • Provide counselling and consultancy services

  • to promote job development.

  • Develop a supporting

  • resouce bank.




- Cathey Day

- Laurie Crowe​

- Marg Whetter

- Jeremy Wilkinson

- Sarah Lehman

- Tanis Hall

- Karen Sunaert

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